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Pollux (4092m) Westface


We finally managed to climb the Pollux and ride its 50 degree steep westface last Sunday!We finally managed to climb the Pollux and ride its 50 degree steep westface last Sunday!

Originally already on our agenda a week ago, we took another chance last weekend. While we had to postpone it ocne again on Saturday due to the bad weathe forecast, hope was there for Sunday. The snowfall was to stop in early Sunday morning. Rather optimistic we left our basecamp in Oberwald around 6 a.m. and headed to Zermatt from where we took the first gondola up to the Klein Matterhorn. Heavy fog was still covering the top of the mountains. So we decided to wait and have a small soup and a cup of coffee. All the prayers from all the mountaineers waiting in the restaurant didn’t seem to be heard. The fog didn’t clear up.

As we knew the beginning of the tour from our last trips we decided to give it a try and to start our tour. There were plenty of ‘points of return’ and alternative routes we could take in case the weather wasn’t to clear up. And just a few minutes later we were joined by Corinne and Koni.

Still walking in heavy fog we passed the Breithornplateau and walked up to the Breithornpass.  And it seemed that the fog was about to lighten up. We crossed over to the Schwarztor, trying to keep the altitude as good as possible. And once we arrived there all of a sudden the fog was blown away in a few minutes and blue sky! Hell yeah – it was all worth it!! We lashed our skis and snowboards on our backpacks and started climbing the 45/50-degree steep westface of the Pollux. After reaching the black Madonna statue we had to gain another 100m of heights along a snow ridge up to the top. It was the first time that the whole freshies.ch crew was staying together on a 4000m peak! Congrats to René for his first 4,000er!

After a short stay on the peak we put our skis and snowboards back on our feet and started our descent down the snow ridge until we reached again the steep westface. As we already had climbed it up we knew that the ‘slope’ was quite icy and hard, but still okay to ski and snowboard down on it. For the most of us it was the first time skiing such steep slopes in high terrain. No question – falling down was not an option! But we all managed it and shortly thereafter crossed the Schwarztor and skied down the Schwärzegletscher where we even found some powderruns. Shortly thereafter we crossed the Gornergletscher and took the Gornerschlucht down to Zermatt. 2,400 meters of height of pure fun. What a day!!


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