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Freeride Film Festival 2018 - tickets-to-win

Power women and mountaineering are the highlights of the Freeride Filmfestival 2018 ...

23. Oct 2018 ǀ 11:10:21

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E.O.F.T. 18/19 - this is real!

×Sorry, there is no translation available yet for this posting. We are working on the translations as we speak. │ Die European Outdoor Film Tour wird volljährig! Seit 18 Jahren zaubert die E.O.F.T. die besten Dokumentarfilme aus den Bereichen O...

09. Oct 2018 ǀ 17:10:21

We're ready for the season

We do everything to keep our mountain hut warm and cosy on winter days. ...

01. Oct 2018 ǀ 15:10:44

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Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Fall Tour

The Cine Mar Surf Movie Night ist back on tour - i...

27. Sep 2018 ǀ 15:09:50


Trailers of the Season 18/19

What to expect this falls - the first movie traile...

06. Sep 2018 ǀ 04:09:00

Grischa Trails

×Sorry, there is no translation available ye...

19. Aug 2018 ǀ 06:08:31

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Precautionary recall of 3+ Avalanche Transceivers

ORTOVOX recalls its 3+ avalanche transceivers ...

15. May 2018 ǀ 15:05:03 on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter

Season 18/19

Summer 2018